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Company Profile


Company Name
Nihon Agri, Inc. (Japanese name: 株式会社日本農業)
Description of Business
Export of Japanese agricultural produce and varieties to overseas (mainly Southeast Asia), overseas production of Japanese variety agricultural produce, production and export consulting
Corporate Headquarters
Maruki Bld.101, 1-13-7, Nishigotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, 141-0031, Japan
November 2016
Common stock

1,850 million JPY


Shohei Naito, CEO
Reiji Nagata, COO


Approx 40 (as of June 29, 2022)

Hirosaki Branch


Kitae Apple Bld, 34-2, Sakaizekinishita, Hirosaki-City, Aomori


TEL:0172-55-8206  FAX:0172-55-8207


Nihon Agri Values



Act quick to make the first step
Make the best effort all the way to the end
Understand the importance of groundwork, and act on your own feet

Challenge Hungry


Chase innovative and distruptive achievement
Be assertive in decision-making and take responsibility
Communicate challenges



Persuade stakeholders through reasonable logic
Befriend supports by moving stakeholders' emotion
Involve stakeholders as an organization by utilizing political dynamics

One Team


Provide a hand to help colleagues in need
Give others empowerment to develop them
Take advantage of others' knowledge and experience

Nihon Agri Culture


Each member holds a 1-on-1 meeting once a month, and discusses future career plan and current work style.

Visualization of Organization Health

We utilize a third-party organization survey to visualize work engagement level, and strive to constantly improve work environment.

Flexible Work Environment

Core time is established from noon-4pm, enabling members to work flexibly at their own pace.

Quarterly Award Program

Members who display Nihon Agri's values are recognized and awarded with a prize.

Book Purchasing Subsidy

Nihon Agri will provide subsidies to purchase books that will improve work productivity.

Seminar Subsidy

Nihon Agri will provide subsidies to participate in seminars that will deepen knowledge and know-how.

Nursing / Elderly Care Leave

In addition to annual vacation leave, Nihon Agri provides 5 separate days of leave that can be taken when members need to nurse their kids due to sudden sickness or provide elderly care.


Nihon Agri uses OKR as a goal management method to stay focused on high priority items and efficiently tackle issues.


Once a week, members across the world dial-in via video and share each others "wins".

Foreign Language Education Support

Nihon Agri will pay for all online learning and textbook costs related to learning a foreign language, subject to certain conditions.